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The Online Saver is designed especially for people who wish to save regularly with the convenience of online banking. It's easy to keep track of your savings, at a time that suits you. You can open, and fully operate the Online Saver, through AIB Internet Banking. AIB Internet Banking is available for approximately 20 hours a day, which you can access through

AIB Online Saver - Key Features

How it works

  • When opening the Online Saver, we will firstly ask you for a regular monthly savings instruction, of a minimum of EUR10, to kick start your savings
  • This Online Regular Saver Lodgement is set up as a monthly standing order from your suitable AIB Payment Account featured on your AIB Internet Banking Profile
  • You can add to your savings at any time. You can transfer money from any account featured on your AIB Internet Banking Profile or by lodging funds electronically from other AIB accounts or accounts from other Financial Institutions
  • The Online Saver offers you instant access to your money without penalty or restriction
  • You can transfer your money to any other suitable AIB account featured on your AIB Internet Banking Profile
  • Transfers cannot be made to a third party account maintained with AIB or to an account maintained with another Credit Institution in your name (or in the name of a third party).

How interest is earned on your Online Saver

  • Your savings will earn the Online Regular Saver rate of interest up to a Maximum Monthly Threshold of EUR1,000 per month
  • The Online Saver works on a 12 month cycle. The Maximum Monthly Threshold increases month on month, rising from EUR1,000 until it reaches EUR12,000 in month 12. In month 13, the Maximum Monthly Threshold reverts back to EUR1,000 and the 12 month Online Saver Period starts again
  • In each month, any balances in the account that exceed the Maximum Monthly Threshold will earn the lower Standard Online Saver rate
  • The Online Regular Saver rate and Standard Online Saver rate are both variable rates of interest.

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What else do you need to know?

  • You can open a maximum of 4 Online Saver accounts in your sole name
  • The maximum balance on each Online Saver is EUR1,000,000
  • Interest is paid annually in April. Interest rates can be viewed at any time either in your branch or on
  • If you wish to close your Online Saver, login to AIB Internet Banking and click on the 'Manage My Accounts' tab. You are not able to close your Online Saver through AIB Tablet Banking.

Online PSP - This account can no longer be opened by customers.

The Online PSP cannot be closed online. Please visit your local AIB Branch if you wish to close this account. For more information on the Online PSP, click here.

Tax on Interest earned

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Important/Regulatory Notice

Terms and conditions apply.  Rates quoted are variable.

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