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The Me2U App provided in association with Visa, allows registered AIB Phone & Internet Banking customers to send money from a valid euro personal AIB Visa Debit or Credit card to a recipient's euro personal Visa card (credit, debit or pre paid) using the recipient's mobile number.

To use the Me2U App, you need to register via AIB Internet Banking prior to downloading the app. In order to register for Me2U via AIB Internet Banking you will need:

  • A valid euro personal AIB Visa debit or credit card (up to 3 cards can be registered)
  • A valid email address and phone number
  • A valid Apple or Android device

Step 1 - Registration

Activating the AIB Me2U App video tutorial

  • This set up process will only take a few minutes, log in to AIB Internet Banking*, select Me2U from the left menu and follow the onscreen instructions
  • You will need to register a mobile number, email address, AIB Visa Debit or Credit card and create a passcode which you will use to access the Me2U App.

* An AIB code card or card reader will be required

Step 2 - Download the Me2U App

The Me2U App has been designed to work on various Apple and Android phone devices but can also be used on Apple iPads and Android Tablets You can download the App directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Click here to download the AIB Me2U iPhone App now.

Click here to download the AIB Me2U Android App now.


Note: Data charges may apply

Step 3 - Accessing Me2U

  • After you register via AIB Internet Banking & download the app, you will need to activate Me2U by entering the phone number & email address which you have previously registered on AIB Internet Banking into the Me2U app
  • An activation code will be sent via text message to the phone number you have registered. You then enter the code into the App & you will be presented with the screen requesting the passcode which you have set up via Internet Banking
  • After successfully entering the passcode, you will be requested to provide answers to 3 security questions which will be used in the event you forget your Me2U passcode.

Step 4 - Using Me2U

Using the AIB Me2U App video tutorial

  • You can send payments by;
    - Selecting the recipient from your contacts list on your phone
    - Entering the recipient's phone number, or;
    - Entering the recipient's 16 digit Visa card number
  • You can send up to 5 Me2U payments per day per card, subject to the maximum daily amount of EUR300. These transactions will impact on your daily transaction limit of the card.(Note: payments are Euro payments only)
  • When using the Me2U service the standard timeframe for the recipient to receive funds is within 30 minutes. Payments from an AIB Visa Debit/Credit card to another AIB Visa Debit/Credit card will be received in this timeframe, however, if the receiver's euro Visa card is issued by another institution it can take 1 business day for the funds to be received by that institution. For more information on payment timelines for the receiver, they should contact their institution.
  • Payments to unregistered users:
    - When you send a payment to an unregistered recipient a text message is sent using your mobile phone number advising the recipient you have sent a payment to them.
    - This text message contains a unique link which directs the recipient to a Visa collection website
    - In order to collect the payment the recipient must enter a 16 digit Visa card number and the unique 'claim code'. This 'claim code' will be sent to you as the sender and will be viewable in your app inbox as the sender. You must advise this code to the unregistered user to allow them to collect the payment. For security reasons, we recommend you do not send this via text
    - The unregistered recipient has up to 7 days to collect the payment. They will receive a reminder text after 3 days and if they do not collect the payment a final text will be sent on the 7th day advising the payment has been cancelled
    - Your account will not be debited until the recipient has successfully claimed the payment.
  • The inbox within the App shows the status of all your Me2U payments. Please note if you delete your Me2U App, all of your inbox messages will be deleted
  • You should use this service to send money to friends/family and it should not be used to pay suppliers of goods and services
  • Me2U transactions are not treated as a payment made to your AIB Credit Card account. Therefore it will not be counted towards your minimum payment due; however, transfers to a credit card will be reflected in your credit card balance
  • It is important that you ensure you use the correct recipient information (phone number or Visa card) when you send payments via Me2U as once a payment has been sent it cannot be cancelled and AIB will not be liable.

Editing/Deleting your Me2U details

  • You can edit or delete your Me2U registered details via AIB Internet Banking*, log on to AIB Internet Banking, select Me2U and follow the onscreen instruction
  • If your mobile number or email address changes, it is important that you update these details via AIB Internet Banking. If either of these details are updated, you will be required to delete and download the app again. Please note, once you delete your app, all inbox messages will be deleted.

* An AIB code card or card reader will be required

Click here for more information about Me2U.


To ensure you can use Me2U with the utmost confidence, we use the highest levels of industry standard security. Each install of the Me2U App has a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) that is installed on the device once the app is linked to the account.

Additionally, when registering or editing your Me2U details on AIB Internet Banking, an AIB code card or card reader is required. Each time you use the app you will be required to enter your secure passcode which you have created.

Always be aware of your surroundings when entering in your security details on your device.

For additional Me2U security information please visit our Security Centre.

Fees & charges

AIB Debit Cards:
When sending and receiving money using the Me2U service, with an AIB Debit Card, the applicable transaction fees on the AIB current account will be waived for an introductory period until the 28th November 2014. Standard transaction fees and charges will apply after this period.

AIB Credit Cards:
No transaction charges apply to AIB Visa Credit Card Me2U transactions.

Non AIB Cards:
When the receiver of a Me2U is a non AIB Visa cardholder, fees and charges may be applied by their card provider this is outside of AIB's control.

Operator Charges may apply (Standard data charges may apply. Unregistered recipients may be charged for receiving text messages, dependant on their Network provider. Text messages sent on behalf of the sender of the payment will not be charged to the sender.)

Details of fees and charges for transactions can be found on the 'Guide to Fees and Charges for Personal Accounts'. Me2U is part of the AIB Phone & Internet Banking service.

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